The cavern between the two gun camps


If we could only see how broken the FBI’s instant background check system is because it’s not funded properly. Most of the shooters of the last decade obtained their guns by passing a background check because their records were not transmitted to the FBI — due to a backlog nationwide, and privacy concerns in the mental health field.

“Thoughts and prayers” said sarcastically is code for saying these events *are Republicans’ fault* because they “won’t pass ‘sensible’ gun legislation.”

This issue is one of the most stagnant and dysfunctional in our nation — and rife with misinformation.

I started questioning the staid narratives of the “gun” “debate” after two major gun attacks in Paris. Clearly the people with intent and will to commit mass murder need to be studied more because they appear to be determined to get guns whether they’re legal or not.

And if you compare Australia and the fact that they had one mass shooting in Tasmania and then none after they bought back and banned a lot of guns, has more to do with the fact that gun violence whether gang drug or crime of passion, is a totally different animal than mass murder committed by terrorists of all stripes. The event is so relatively rare that we need more info about why they are doing these things. Because gun laws are not a magic button to stop certain humans from having zero empathy.

Mass murderers have more in common with each other than with their cultures, creeds or skin color.

Languishing in limbo

Languishing in limbo