By the Numbers: Family Separation at the Border

Number of children separated as a result of a zero tolerance policy for those who ask for asylum after entering NOT at an official port of entry:


Number of children reunited with their parents who had been in custody:


Number of children released to parents, family members or sponsors already in the U.S. or turned 18 while in custody:


Protect your info

How to quickly find out which apps are using your user info, and shut it down


I have been sharing Facebook info – real info like photos and birthdate – with 98 digital applications, and I had no idea. That my birthdate was being shared with app developers was especially annoying; on my Facebook “proper” privacy settings, my birthdate is visible only to me. Yet there are 98 apps, including Five-Star Slots, Ancestry and Flixster, that have access to my birthdate, my work history, my political persuasion and my photos.

Do you know where your data is? I thought I knew. But since I joined Facebook 10 years ago, the places I consented to leave my data have now faded as quickly as where I went for lunch last week.

Jobs report: 'total' winners and losers


Aside from the obviously soaring stock market, Is the economy white hot?

When it comes to total jobs added, in his last year in office, Obama beat Trump in his first year in office -- by a slim margin -- at 2.2 million total payroll jobs added versus 2.1 million in 2017.

When it comes to growth in Gross Domestic Product, Trump's economy beats Obama's.

Clearly something is going on in manufacturing. Under Trump, the economy added 196,000 manufacturing jobs in 2017, while it lost 16,000 jobs in 2016.

Peter Jackson: Weinstein blacklisted Ashley Judd & Mira Sorvino


Mira Sorvino won the Oscar-opening Best Supporting Actress award in 1995 for Woody Allen's "Mighty Aphrodite." She went on to star in such memorable films as "Lulu on the Bridge" and "Too Tired to Die." But she wasn't suffering from the legendary curse of the Best Supporting Actress; it turns out she was probably just suffering from crossing paths with Harvey Weinstein.

Pirate's treasure: Apple and other companies are about to bring their loot home

U.S. corporations have kept money earned overseas outside of the country for decades, to avoid paying taxes twice: once to the country where they earned the revenue, and once to the country they call home.

As of April 2017, the total was an unprecedented amount: $2.6 trillion, with a T. That's also T for Tim, Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple, Inc, the largest holder of cash, has acknowledged the company is keeping $231 billion in cash overseas to avoid paying the 35 percent corporate tax rate.

Variety exclusive: The enabled domination of Matt Lauer

Headline by Back to Facts. Variety went with a direct approach for their actual headline: Matt Lauer accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Although they relied almost exclusively on anonymous sources, Variety reporters Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister detail a pattern of abuse of power by Matt Lauer to get women in bed (or anywhere else) in sexual trysts that span decades.

One notable charge, which is sourced anonymously, is that Lauer was able to have sexual rendezvous in his office because he had an automatic door lock under his desk.

AP's 'bang-up' exclusive: FBI did not inform hacking victims


A journalism professor of mine used the term "bang-up job" as high praise for the very best in journalism.

This article by the Associated Press is just that -- "a bang-up job." Reporters for the AP went the extra mile to uncover the names of government personnel whose personal Gmail accounts were hacked by the notorious hacking ring "Fancy Bear," so named by cyber-security company Crowdstrike because they deduced it came from Russia.