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Facebook unmasked

How a lax policy for third-party apps
Finally unleashed the wrath of the crowd


Remember Farmville? Mafia Wars? Flixster? How about the one that tells you what percent a$$hole you are? You probably remember consenting to sharing personal information in exchange for playing a game or getting a laugh – or being told you are the Mother of Dragons, perhaps? And you probably remember laughing at your uncle or neighbor who said “No, thanks. I don’t like putting my info out there. That's how they get you."

That sentiment is probably best expressed by the fictional character of Doug on Saturday Night Live's "Black Jeopardy," who responds to the answer "the iPhone wants your thumb print for protection" with: "What is 'I don't think so, that's how they get you.' "

The technology in question is not iPhone security, but Doug's fears are starting to sound a lot more like reality, with the bombshell St. Patrick’s Day revelations by The New York Times that a voter profiling firm had acquired personal data in 2014 that was collected with a “harmless” third-party app on Facebook.