AP repackaged by msn: Trump 'weighs' national guard for raids

AP repackaged by msn: Trump 'weighs' national guard for raids

By Tatiana Prophet

The Associated Press on Friday published an article on the leak of a Homeland Security draft memorandum proposing to use state National Guard units to enforce immigration law. Even though the article states the memo was never seriously considered, the news site MSN repackaged the story with a headline that implied that Trump was considering the idea: "Trump weighs mobilizing National Guard for immigration roundups."

The original AP headline read: AP exclusive: DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups.

Both versions of the article acknowledge in the second paragraph that the memo was "not seriously considered" and was never brought to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly for approval. But not before stating in the first paragraph that the memo was targeting "millions who live nowhere near the Mexican border." That sentence was based on the idea floated in the memo that the states where National Guard were being considered were not only border states with Mexico, but states bordering those border states.

The draft memo can be read here.

Bloomberg ran the same headline as MSN:
Trump Weighs Mobilizing National Guard for Immigration Roundups

Bloomberg also ran a separate story here: White House Denies Trump Will Call Up National Guard for Immigrant Roundup

Other outlets ran the following headlines:
Crooks and Liars: BREAKING: Trump May Mobilize 100K National Guard for Immigration Roundup
The Hill - Schumer: Reports of National Guard deportation plan 'despicable'
Chicago Tribune - Rahm invokes WWII ace in emotional attack on National Guard plan
USA Today - DHS memo proposed using up to 100,000 Guard troops to round up immigrants  (with Steve Bannon photo as a bonus)
FOX News - Trump team refutes report on proposal for National Guard immigrant roundup
LA Times - White House denies report Trump is considering using National Guard troops for immigration roundups
Breitbart - White House denies fake news of National Guard immigration force
Some of the above news outlets ran the AP story; others wrote their own stories.

The MSN and Bloomberg headlines get two yellow cards for contradicting what the story reports, therefore being erroneous.

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