WSJ scoop: Tom Arnold leaks Cohen tape denying guilt; Cohen and Avenatti pass ‘karma boomerang’



Last spring, Tom Arnold buddies up to Michael Cohen to “take down Trump,” though Cohen later denies it. Now, Arnold records a recent phone conversation with Cohen because “he (Cohen) tapes everything and I wanted to remember what I said.”

Arnold has given the tape to The Wall Street Journal.

On it, Cohen says his guilty pleas for everything but the Stormy Daniels payment were a lie. Also revealed by the Journal: he has been trying to get a lighter sentence in exchange for his oh so damning Congressional testimony saying Trump was a con man and racist.

“I lost my business ... all for what? Because Trump had an affair with a porn star,” he tells Arnold on the call.

He also weighs in on Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti’s recent criminal legal trouble involving alleged extortion of Nike: “It’s called a karma boomerang.”

At which point, the WSJ reporter called Avenatti for comment and the attorney said: “He is ignorant, as evidenced by his use of the term ‘karma boomerang.’ “

It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. 🤛🏾☝🏽🙌😂🔥

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