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Donald Trump has finally met his fast-talking match

And it's not Stormy Daniels



She didn’t kill the night and she didn’t kill the tradition; what Michelle Wolf killed on Sunday night was the frustration of half the country.

Frustration that has formed a collective nightmare since November 8, 2016. Frustration for those who are appalled and horrified with each new day that a coarse, brutish business man with an ill-fitting suit is living in the White House and steering the ship of state. They are so appalled that they will not watch him speak, or speak his name. So the moniker 45 has been a way to cope, to deal with the daily effrontery of his predictable bravado, his juvenile nicknames, and his senior citizen tangents. Every word he has uttered toward or about a minority is evidence of his endemic racism, misogyny and superiority.

Anyone is more believable than this man – even his white billionaire cabinet members – and when his gaffes are disseminated to us from the anonymous courtiers among the columns, they contain words so shocking that they send cable news aflutter for two or three weeks.