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Peter Jackson: Weinstein blacklisted Ashley Judd & Mira Sorvino


Mira Sorvino won the Oscar-opening Best Supporting Actress award in 1995 for Woody Allen's "Mighty Aphrodite." She went on to star in such memorable films as "Lulu on the Bridge" and "Too Tired to Die." But she wasn't suffering from the legendary curse of the Best Supporting Actress; it turns out she was probably just suffering from crossing paths with Harvey Weinstein.

Variety exclusive: The enabled domination of Matt Lauer

Headline by Back to Facts. Variety went with a direct approach for their actual headline: Matt Lauer accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Although they relied almost exclusively on anonymous sources, Variety reporters Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister detail a pattern of abuse of power by Matt Lauer to get women in bed (or anywhere else) in sexual trysts that span decades.

One notable charge, which is sourced anonymously, is that Lauer was able to have sexual rendezvous in his office because he had an automatic door lock under his desk.